The benefits of hiring a meeting room

The benefits of hiring a meeting room

Many business centres around the country have external meeting rooms for hire that are regularly utilised by UK businesses for a variety of reasons such as training, team meetings, interviews and much more.

So what are the reasons that these businesses use external meeting rooms and how could hiring a meeting room benefit your business?


The first and most obvious benefit to hiring a meeting room is space, if space is in short supply at your current business premises then an external meeting room is a great solution to your current meeting space problems. Even if space is not in short supply at your office you might find that the layout and facilities available at an external meeting venue will be far superior to what you have available at your own office. Meeting rooms are designed for the sole purpose of hosting meetings so the space and layout is designed to work well for that purpose.

Your business image

If you’re meeting a new potential client or even an existing one it goes without saying that you will want to create a good impression of your business. By holding your meeting in a fully kitted out comfortable meeting room with refreshments you’re bound to leave a good impression.

Geared up for the purpose

Most meeting room facilities are well equipped to serve their purpose, offering services and equipment such as projectors, WiFi, catering facilities and much more. It is always a good idea to check exactly what facilities will be available to you beforehand.


The very act of leaving your business premises can result in a huge increase in productivity. Imagine the difference between holding an important training meeting at your current business premises verses at an external meeting room, at your office there is bound to be distractions and interruptions. By getting your team away and out of the office you, and they, are more likely to focus on the task at hand.


At RCM business Centre in Ossett, Wakefield we have a range of conference and meeting rooms available for hire starting from as low as £10 + VAT per hour.

Our high-spec conference rooms and meeting rooms are equipped with HD projectors, high-speed internet and flip chart boards. Free parking is available on site and we have a great range of catering options to choose from.

Why not get in touch with us for a quick chat today to discuss a venue for your next meeting or conference?

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