Reasons to Book a Meeting Room in Wakefield


Whether you’re conducting a training session for a select few staff members or hosting a company-wide conference, location is key. Perhaps the layout of your office doesn’t lend itself to large meetings, or maybe you’ve got people travelling in for your event from different areas of the country. Whatever the circumstances, it may be necessary to hire out a meeting room to host your function, and where better to go than the highly accessible city of Wakefield

Located in West Yorkshire, Wakefield is a bustling city with a fascinating history – but what makes it the perfect place to host a business event? Below, we explore some of the many reasons why you should hire a meeting room in Wakefield.

Easily accessible

As one of the most accessible places in the UK, Wakefield is the perfect location for a large business conference. Three of the country’s main motorway networks meet near the city, and there is also the option to travel by rail or fly into a nearby airport. When you have guests travelling from afar, transportation can be a concern and there’s always the worry that certain people will be unable to attend. However, in a well-connected city like Wakefield, you can guarantee that your attendees will be able to travel with ease, ensuring your event goes ahead as planned.

Expanding city

As mentioned previously, when organising a motivating or potentially inspiring event, location is a crucial part of attracting and sustaining interest. This is why a growing city like Wakefield is the perfect place to invite your guests. Between 2002 and 2015, Wakefield’s city centre population grew 32% from 6,200 citizens to 8,200 and in recent years, it has transformed from being the centre of the mining industry into a modern city brimming with culture, nightlife and tourist attractions. So, invite your guests to the city of Wakefield and, in addition to attending your event, they can explore everything this intriguing city has to offer.

Growing business economy

Wakefield is home to many manufacturing sites for large corporations such as Warburtons, Haribo and Coca-Cola and in addition to this, it has strong representation across various sectors including manufacturing, creative and digital services. Earlier this year, it was also announced that Wakefield was to receive a £4.4 million investment to boost the growth of its creative industries, helping to create hundreds of jobs and support both new and established businesses. All things considered, it goes without saying that this is an exciting time for Wakefield’s business economy and with this in mind, it’s the perfect setting to host your business meetings.


Looking for a place to book a meeting room in Wakefield? Look no further than RCM Business Centre. We have offices, conference and meeting rooms available for hire in Wakefield and we’re located a mere two minutes away from the M1, allowing both you and your colleagues to travel to our premises with ease. As a modern business centre, we have all the facilities you will require to conduct your event, and we hire out spaces at an extremely affordable price. For more information regarding our meeting rooms in Wakefield, get in touch today and propel your business forward with RCM Business Centre.

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