Office Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow


Many of us spend the majority of our working week in the office, but that doesn’t mean that we should treat it like home. There’s an unwritten code that should be followed in all offices, otherwise known as work etiquette. From having good manners and being courteous of others to using technology in an appropriate manner, we’ve put together a few tips for excellent office etiquette.

Take noisy personal calls out of the office

Taking private phone calls at your desk can be distracting for those around you. If you work in an open plan space, keep private calls short; call them back on your break or take the call outside. Keep your personal phone on silent so that it does not alert everyone in your office when you have a message, call or email.

Consider others when packing your lunch

As much as you might enjoy tuna, strong cheese or onion and garlic, the rest of your office may not be so keen on the smells. In a tight space, smells can be magnified, so it’s important to consider the rest of your office when packing your lunch. Avoid foods that splatter, slurp or are loud to eat, especially if you have your lunch at your desk.

Dress appropriately

Today, many offices opt for a ‘business casual’ dress code, particularly if they’re not client-facing. If you’re a business owner, clarify what is and isn’t appropriate with employees. For example, polo shirts, casual dresses and casual trousers may be appropriate, whereas denim jeans and open-toed shoes may not be.

Stay courteous around the office

Don’t forget your manners in the workplace. Greet co-workers, be polite and never forget to say please or thank you. Help co-workers where possible; if someone is struggling to get through the door, hold it open for them, or if you know how to complete a certain task that someone else is struggling with, help them out. Remember what it was like when you were new to the office – smile at new employees and make the effort to start a conversation with them.

Book meeting rooms

If you’re holding a meeting or you’re meeting with clients, book out a meeting room. Holding meetings or discussing business matters at desks or in the office can be distracting for employees, so it’s better to book a meeting room. This ensures you can discuss business matters in private and in a professional environment. Plus, it doesn’t cost the earth – at RCM Business Centre, you can hire meeting rooms in Wakefield from just £10 per hour.

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