How to Take Advantage of the Free On-Site Gym


After a long and arduous day at work, there’s nothing like an endorphin-releasing workout to leave you feeling rejuvenated. Gym workouts are especially welcome if you work in a desk-based job, as many people do, as giving your body a rest from its seated position is necessary for good posture, sleep and digestion.

What’s more, if you are lucky enough to work in an office block with a free on-site gym, such as RCM Business Centre, you won’t need to rush to leave work or battle through traffic jams to reach your local leisure centre. Make sure you take advantage of our on-site facilities with these top tips.


Set yourself realistic fitness goals

To really make the most of our on-site gym facilities, it’s important to set realistic fitness goals. These will give you something to work towards and act as your motivation on the days you need a little extra push. Whether you set out to run five kilometres on the treadmill or you would like to deadlift a further 10 kilograms in the next six months, setting achievable goals is the first step towards gym success.

To motivate you even further, you could also ask one of your colleagues to become a gym buddy. A good gym buddy will act as your weights spotter, encourage you to meet your goals, and make sure you never skip a session!


Make the gym a part of your routine

Once hitting the gym is part of your weekly routine, you won’t think twice about grabbing your kit and heading for a session. Think about how many times you could realistically visit the gym in a week and choose a few days to dedicate to your workouts. Once you have decided on a couple of gym days, it will become much easier to say no to distractions and to schedule other activities and events around your workout timetable.


Dedicate an hour of your day to working out

One of the greatest benefits of having on-site gym facilities in the workplace is that you have no excuse to skip a workout; you can’t blame the traffic or weather for not wanting to exercise as all the facilities you need will be right there. Take advantage of this by making workouts part of your day and an extension of your work life. For instance, you could either come to work an hour early or leave an hour late, or could even schedule a workout into your lunch break for a quick, midday boost.

Free, on-site gym facilities are something we are proud to offer our clients at RCM Business Centre. When you rent one of our office units, you and your employees will have all the facilities needed to work and exercise under one roof – but that’s not all. Our Wakefield-based business centre also offers free parking, meeting room hire, conference facilities, high-speed broadband and much more at highly competitive rates. To see how you could transform your business with RCM Business Centre, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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